Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mario Star Birthday Cake for My Hubby!

My husband Joe's 27th birthday was August 1st, but since my sister's birth of her new baby boy Bobby was on the previous day, we have been pretty busy. So we celebrated his birthday this evening. We ate at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant called "Osaka's" (absolutely delicious), and came back to Joe's mom's house (Beverly) to play old Mario games and eat cake...such a wonderful night! This "Mario Star" birthday cake has 27 candles on it!

This cake was so much fun to make; it's a "from scratch" chocolate cake with homemade butter cream frosting! Yum yum! :-D I love my Joe!

All of the ingredients in this are all-natural...I achieved the color of the frosting by using turmeric spice (about 2 teaspoons...you can't really taste it because the sugar in the frosting over powers it)...and the eyes are made by mixing cocoa into the butter cream frosting. Therefore this frosting has no artificial colors and is 100% natural! Yellow is a very affordable color to achieve by using turmeric...for other colors my sister has purchased a twenty dollar package of natural food colorings to get pink and purple. We have to use the entire bottles to get just a little close to achieving red and blue, so we just make pink and purple accents to our yellow cakes...like we did in my mother-in-law Beverly's Big Bird birthday cake last year:


Lindsey said...

Neat! I love the cake. What a great idea to put the candles around the outside like that.

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you Lindsey!