Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LA Ink's Kat Von D is a Vintage Etsy Fashionista!


Back in May, I was super excited when I viewed one of our customer order invoices in our Etsy "sister shop" LaOohLaLa Boutique and discovered that it was a vintage millinery fashion hat purchase from a famous celebrity: Katherine von Drachenberg...LA Ink's Kat Von D!
The vintage original 100% wool 1950s "Made in France" beatnik black beret french fashion hat from LaOohLaLa Boutique that Kat Von D ordered!


Kat looking like a superstar in a vintage style black beret hat! I'm still overjoyed and amazed that Kat found a vintage gothic inspired hat that tickles her fancy in LaOohLaLa Boutique!

Kat is one stylish vintage fashionista...and she loves supporting the handmade and vintage shops on Etsy! Check out her YouTube series "Kat's Kloset" where she shares many of her unique Etsy finds!

 Recently on Kat Von D's Facebook Page she shared one of her outfits and it looks like the 1950s beret from LaOohLaLa Boutique is enjoying some time in the spotlight!


Our newest vintage millinery addition to LaOohLaLa Boutique is a 1950s gothic style mourning veil hat that reminds us of Kat! It would be perfect for a veil fascinator for Gothic Wedding!

...and here's her Kat's Kloset YouTube episode on "mourning jewelry"! Auh, swoon!