Sunday, August 29, 2010

Indoor Herb Garden in Our Bedroom Window!

One night this last week, my husband, Joe, and I decided to start an indoor herb garden in our bedroom we have happy little seedlings that seem as though they are praising the sun and water, for their little leaves (which look like hands) are reaching up towards the direction of the sun; and every time we give them water the almost seem to grow right in front of our eyes...ha ha, or maybe that is my imagination! ;-) Here are some more pictures of our new, little indoor herb garden:

...some of our herb seedlings planted in various cups and planters that I had.

These are our peat pellet herb seedlings...we are going to transplant these into our organic-heirloom vegetable garden for our fall crop!

This is our little bean is a beautiful Scarlet Emperor bean!

I hope this post inspires you all to create your own indoor herb is easy to maintain, provides tasty herbs for tea and cooking, and is great for cleaning your indoor air! So go ahead...get growing! :-D