Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jen Karetnick's "Brie Season" Upcoming Fall Poetry Book Features My Eco-Art On the Front Cover!

Oh my goodness I am overjoyed! I am honored to have my original hand-painted decoupage vinyl record art piece used in the cover art of Jen Karetnick's upcoming poetry book Brie Season coming out this fall! I can't wait to read the beautiful poetry within this lovely book! Once we get Brie Season, my husband Joe and I are celebrating with a fancy bottle of wine and brie! The wonderfully talented poet and author of this upcoming book Jen Karetnick says of her Brie Season cover art, "My publisher loves it! It's a stand out book cover that will make people pick it up.", and my response: "I think so too Jen! That is one of my favorite things about all of my art pieces; my signature look of a black background speckled with hand-painted "eco-friendly freckles" that with colorful collage art and it's a very eye-catching piece. The wine and brie cheese theme of this particular creation wonderfully complements your poetry book!" 

This is what the original upcycled decoupage vinyl record art piece titled "Vivacious Vineyards and a Cat Named Brie" looks like which is now displayed in the home of the author Jen Karetnick...I am truly honored! To view my other upcycled hand-painted decoupage art pieces you can find them HERE in my Etsy shop.