Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cheers! Time for a Celebration!

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It is time for a celebration! My Eco-Friendly Freckles blog has now reached 200 followers!...Yippee! :-D I want to thank all of my new and old, loyal and infrequent followers for supporting me! It has been a wonderful experience exploring some of life's full-filling curiosities with you; whether it be art, natural health, gardening, shopping, traveling, or sharing recipes...I have enjoyed it all and will continue to write about more of my delightful discoveries along the way! In celebration of my blog reaching 200 followers, I would like to say "Cheers!" to you all and share with you one of my favorite cocktail recipes as well as an enchanting aphrodisiac and a favorite of the Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra!

Blue Lotus Wine


1 bottle of red or white wine

1 wine cork

10-20 grams of Blue Lotus (petals and bulbs)

1 tablespoon of honey (optional)

Open up your bottle of red or white wine and drink a small amount to make room for the blue lotus. Take 10-20 grams of blue lotus and stuff it inside the bottle of desired wine. Make sure to include both the petals and the bulbs so you marinate all the active ingredients. Next, cork the bottle nice and tight with all the blue lotus inside, and then place it into the refrigerator. Even if its red wine, still stick it in the fridge.

Let your blue lotus wine sit for at least a few hours to a week in the fridge. The Egyptians would generally give the bottle 3 weeks, so the longer the better. After keeping in the fridge for your period of time, you are ready to drink your blue lotus wine. If it is a white wine you can leave it in the fridge and if a red you may want to sit it outside for a few hours to catch up with the air temperature.

This one bottle of blue lotus wine can be used for up to 2 people depending on how potent the effects you want. Generally, the bottle of blue lotus can be used by 1 person at a weight of 170 lbs. There is an option to use honey, depending if you like the taste or not. It can sometimes be a tad bit bitter, and if so, add a bit of honey to your wine to sweeten it up. This won't change the effects, only the taste.

As far as experiences with this blue lotus recipe, we think you will be quite pleased. It's simple and it will give you the euphoric/happy/relaxed feeling you've been searching for. It is also fun to experience what the Egyptians experienced centuries ago.

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) represented in Ancient Egyptian art.

A Brief Ancient Egyptian History of The Sacred Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus was found scattered over Tutankhamen's body when the Pharaoh's tomb was opened in 1922. Many historians thought it was a purely symbolic flower, however there may be some reason to believe that Ancient Egyptians used it to induce an ecstatic state and stimulation, as well as being widely used as a general remedy against illness, and to this day is used as a tonic for good health.

The Ancient Egyptians used blue lotus as a key to good health, sex, and re-birth. An aphrodisiac for men and women as well as a general remedy for all illness. Enhancing sexual vigor and general good health. A tonic richer than ginseng, pain reliever richer that arnica, circulation stimulant richer than ginko biloba, and sexual stimulant richer than Viagra...creating a feeling of well-being, euphoria, and ecstasy.

To find out more about the history of blue lotus in Ancient Egypt please read the description of my blue lotus listing in my Etsy shop.

If you would like to create the blue lotus wine recipe above of if you would like to make a lovely blue lotus tea (great hot tea with honey), you can find the blue lotus in my Eco-Friendly Freckles shop:


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Thank you for featuring my Cheers! card on your blog. And congrats on reaching a big blogging milestone.

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Thank you Linda! :-D I adore your beautiful hand-crafted cards!

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Congratulations! 200 followers! WOW
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