Monday, March 28, 2011

My Repurposed Yorgurt Planters Featured on Re-Nest Website!

My recycled/upcycled yogurt planters are featured on the Re-Nest website in the article titled "15 Repurposed Planters: Just Add Dirt"...Check out this fascinating and fun article with some unusual and beautiful planter ideas!

By the way, they found my repurposed yogurt picture from my past blog article titled "Repurposed Yogurt Cup Planters and Our Window Sill Garden".

Here is an interesting excerpt from this article of mine about recycling yogurt containers...

"Did you know that many yogurt containers are not recyclable at all. Most yogurt containers are produced with polypropylene (#5) plastic, which isn’t recycled in most communities; including here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Even those made with #2 HDPE plastic, which is normally recycled, may be trashed once they get to the recycling center because they melt at a different temperature than the plastic bottles made of #2 HDPE. With this in mind, reducing the number of yogurt containers you purchase, and reusing as many as possible, is even more important."

Friday, March 18, 2011

Donating to Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Efforts in Japan

The adorable image above features a "Japan Disaster Relief Aid - Cupcake Topper" by The Giving Madam.

My heart goes out to the dear people of Japan, I have created several team treasuries featuring members of the Etsy teams I am involved with and items that are donating to Japan relief funds. In my shop Eco-Friendly Freckles, I will be sending 20% of all of my hand-painted upcycled decoupage canister and tin sales to the Salvation Army’s earthquake relief efforts in Japan. You can view all of my "Japan Relief" decoupage tins here:

The Etsy Recycler's Guild relief efforts for Japan are featured on our team donating items are mentioned too. :-)
Here are some team treasuries I have created featuring team items and items donating to earthquake/tsunami relief efforts for Japan:

"The Sugar Plums and Cherry Blossoms of Japan - Donations for Relief Efforts" for the Etsy Self Taught Artists Treasury (STAT) Team.

"Wishbone Doggies Love Japan - Donations for Relief Efforts" for the EtsyBloggers Team.

"Owl Always Love Japan - Donations for Relief Efforts" for the Etsy Recycler's Guild Team.

"Soaring Sympathy for Japan - Donations for Relief Efforts" for the Oklahoma Disciples of Etsy Team.

"Tears and Healing for Japan - Donations for Relief Efforts" for the Etsy Natural Healer's Guild.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March's Featured EtsyBlogger is Karen of MysticWynd!

This February Karen of MysticWynd is the Featured EtsyBlogger! Congratulations Karen! :-)

The Mystic Wynd Shop is an elegant, mysterious, and yes very mystical!!! Here are my favorite items from this mystifying shop!
This exquisite necklace looks like something Juliet Capulet would have worn...Romeo would be drooling! "Pink Faux Pearls, Roses on Brass Necklace - Rosalyn" by MysticWynd.

Oooh la la, this delightful bracelet would be the perfect gift for a's lovely! "Gardener's Copper Charm Bracelet w Flowers" by MysticWynd.

GORGEOUS! This sunny rainbow bookmark reminds me of my sunshine sister! "Rainbow Crystal Chakra Bookmark w Sun Charm Gold Plated - Energy and Enlightenment" by MysticWynd.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Protect, Cherish, Nurture Our Loving Mother Earth

The captivating image above is a beautiful print of the original painting "Mother Nature: Protect, Nurture, Cherish" by Bitowhimsey.

Another one of my team blog articles has been posted on the Etsy Recycler's Guild Team Blog! This one is titled "Reuse and Recycle Your Packaging Materials"; I suggest some things that you can recycle and use in your Etsy shop orders for packaging, as well as feature several Etsy Recycler's Guild member upcycled packaging items (package tags, stationary, business cards, etc.). Please check it out!

Getting motivated to do your part by protecting, cherishing, and nurturing our amazing planet this coming Earth Day? Well, here are two treasuries that my spark some ideas and further encourage your nature-loving aspirations!

Here is a treasury created by my sister, Andrea of Storybook Artifact, and is titled "Earth Day Dreaming". This darling treasury is an entry for this week's Etsy STAT Team Treasury Challenge...Please view this treasury!!! Andrea's chances of winning the challenge increases with the more views her treasury gets! She features my hand-painted upcycled decoupage canister "Little Miss Cupcake" in this delightful collection!

I created this treasury titled "Capture the Beauty of Spring" featuring all members from the Etsy Recyclers Guild!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

EtsyBlogger's Blog Carnival - The First Sight of Spring!

For my husband, Joe, and I the first sight of Spring is the beginning of life for our baby organic heirloom tomato seedlings! Basking in the warm and comforting sunlight by our bedroom window, these heirloom Rutger's and Marglobe Supreme tomatoes are destined to flourish and produce a plentiful amount of delicious organic homegrown tomatoes. We love gardening and are very thankful for all the gifts our garden provides.
Here is a picture of me planting an organic heirloom Rutgers tomato plant in our garden the summer before last.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Etsy STAT Team Exposure Game!

The Self Taught Artist's Treasury (STAT) Team has created a fun-filled way to spread the word about team member's shop items...The Exposure Game! Each team member participating in the game lists one shop item that they want to promote with a complementary catchy phrase along with copying and pasting all of the other participants selected item links and phrases and shares them any way they can (blog, facebook fan page, twitter, treasuries, etc.). Here is an example here on my sister's, Andrea of Storybook Artifact, blog:

Below are two treasuries that I created today featuring all members of the Etsy STAT Team; those participating in the Exposure Game and a few other lucky ones!

Eternal Playfulness - STAT Team EXPOSURE GAME Treasury 1:

Earthy Gypsy - STAT Team EXPOSURE GAME Treasury 2:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day in the Park...Take a Walk and Get Some Sunshine!

The delightful image above is an item from the Etsy shop Cupcake Cutiees Designs titled "Day in the Park Digital Clipart Elements" . I enjoyed a fun walk in the sun at a local park with my darling twin sister, Andrea of Storybook Artifact, and her sweet baby boy (and my adorable nephew) Bobby yesterday! What a fun-filled afternoon we had!
I created a blog article for the Etsy Recycler's Guild blog about "The Healing Benefits of Sunshine". Please check out this informative blog article that features two items from Etsy Recycler's Guild members!Speaking of promoting Etsy Recycler's Guild shops, Kitchen Robots by Leuckit created this charming treasury titled "A Walk Outside..." where all Etsy Recycler's Guild members are featured. My "Sunshine on a Rainy Day" hand-painted upcycled decoupage canister is featured in this treasury too!My "Sunshine on a Rainy Day" upcycled tin is also featured in this bright and sunny treasury created by STAT Team Captain HippieChicJewelz titled "Put Some Bright In Your Life" and is one of the participating treasuries in the STAT Team Tuesday Treasury Challenge! My dear sister, Andrea of Storybook Artifact, also featured my "Sunshine on a Rainy Day" upcycled tin in her STAT Team Challenge Treasury "The Bright Side of Black"...Thank you Andy!

Also, I would like to share that the awesome Etsy STAT Team is participating in a rewarding pursuit called the "Exposure Game"; during the week, each member selects an item from their shop that they would like featured in the Exposure Game and on Friday all of the members participating in the game will promote all of the STAT Team members' selected shop items however they wish (this could be by creating treasuries, promoting on Facebook fan pages or blogs, etc.). STAT Team member Planet Calamari is participating in the Exposure Game and she has made a wonderful treasury for the game titled "Exposing the ESTY STAT TEAM Part 1" and she also features my "Sunshine on a Rainy Day" upcycled tin.