Saturday, April 17, 2010

Polly Cook: An Intriguing and Influential Artist

A Polly Cook print my sister has displayed on her fireplace mantel in her living room.

Being raised by our very hip and artsy grandmother (known to my sister, Andrea, and I as “Nana”), she and our grandfather would take us on summer trips to Hot Springs, Arkansas; a not too far away destination (from our hometown near Tulsa, Oklahoma) and getaway to satisfy our craving for Victorian-style bed and breakfasts, fine dining and chocolate crème brulées, and our favorite Gallery Walk. On the first Friday of every month, the art shops of downtown Hot Springs host a “Gallery Walk” where art lovers can mingle, have wine and cheese (as young girls, Andrea and I drank grape juice), and enjoy gazing at the one-of-a-kind works of art!

The stunning Polly Cook print I have hanging in my bathroom.

On one trip, we had the pleasure of meeting our favorite artist from California, Polly Cook, who makes feminine, Picasso-esque oil paintings and sculptures that are breathtaking. Like me, Polly also has a shop on Etsy! I think my love for art at a young age intrigued me to find my inner artist; thus I began creating my own unique creations!

The very romantic Polly Cook print my sister, Andrea, has sitting on her nightstand in her guest bedroom.

For our Nana's birthday last September, I purchased a hand-crafted necklace from Polly Cook's Etsy shop that Andrea and I added to her birthday gift; it perfectly portrayed our grandmother and expressed the most beautiful positive affirmation that we wanted her to remember and hold close to her heart. The necklace pendant was painted by Polly Cook and it features a blonde lady wearing a sun hat by the sea and on the back of the pendant, scratched into glaze, it reads: "I am a radiant being, filled with light & Love".

This is a Polly Cook print that I have displayed in Joe's and my bedroom...Andrea and I purchased this one when we were young; it reminds of of our mother, Vicki.

This is one of my favorite Polly Cook prints that I have (I find it to be a fascinating and unique piece of my small Polly Cook collection)...I have it hanging in my bathroom.

Please check out Polly Cook's beautiful creations in her Etsy shop; she paints on canvas and also makes breath-taking sculptures: vases, jewelry boxes, trays, necklace pendants, more!

This is a Polly Cook print that Andrea gave me as a birthday card this year (April 2nd)...she is so thoughtful! I am going to hang it up soon! :-D


Trixiefishstabber said...

Nice art, thanks for sharing her.

Andrea said...

Love her work. Breathtaking, mysterious, and their is a hidden story behind every piece. :-)

Kristen Cook Tyler said...

I'm Polly's sister. It was fun to read your post! Keep on making things, you are an artist, too!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Hello Kristin! Thank you for your sweet comment...I am a big fan of Polly; her unique and beautiful art has greatly inspired me and my artistic creations! My sister is "Andrea" (she posted the comment above yours)...sisters are the best: the closest of friends. ;-)