Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Provocative Prints!

I have two new vintage paper ephemera print ads in my shop; one is an advertisement for Kraft French Dressing and the other is for Cutex Cosmetics. Wouldn't the seductive red head above munching on salad with her red lips look spectacular in a retro 60's kitchen?!
Oooh la la, this peacock feathered lady will add elegance to your favorite wall!

Speaking of adding an elegant touch to a room in your home, I have done just that with one of the vintage prints I found in a 60's Ladies Home Journal magazine. Joe and I just purchased a pretty blue quilt set for our queen size bed in our bedroom and I we also have a blue painting on canvas of a beautiful we are definitely going with a "blue" theme (which we both love this color)!Isn't this the PERFECT vintage print for our romantically blue bedroom?! I LOVE IT! A very lady-like woman wearing a flowing blue dress is sitting at a dining table with her handsome date who has a caring, concerned looking...I bet he is a real gentleman!


Will Write 4 Food said...

I love seductive vintage pictures!!

-Tiffany of Will Write 4 Food

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

They are so much fun...very eye-catching and timeless! Thanks Tiffany! ;-)

Artifact Andrea said...

Love your idea of wanting to go with a blue bedroom. The vintage artwork you have chosen for it is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I believe the woman in the cutex ad is French actress Catherine DeNeuve. She must have done modeling also.