Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Colonial Christmas Gifts

This Christmas I gave my mother-in-law, Beverly, and my sister, Andrea, some captivating colonial-style gifts (one hand-made by myself and the other one was a vintage purchase on Etsy)! Beverly is an admire of American History and she is enchanted by anything George Washington. So I wanted to make her this Washington inspired tea box depicting his treasured intimate life on the top (with a photo of his wife Martha, his Mount Vernon home, and a few of his and Martha's personal possessions), and on the sides his professional life as General George Washington and the first president of the United States of America.

Here is one of the sides of the tea box with the constitution and the two paintings that are in the National Archives building housing this historical document.

...and here is a picture depicting General George Washington that I found in a pamphlet that I brought back from Mount Vernon:I painted the inside of the tea box gold...I figured it would bring out the luxurious aesthetics of the piece. ;-)
Beverly and I having breakfast at the Hotel Washington on our trip to Washington D.C. with Beverly's two sons Joe (my husband) and Dan.For Christmas, I got my sister Andrea an elegant Vintage 1940s W.S. George Bolero Dessert Plate Cake Server Set by Teenie's Priceless Vintage. Please check out this wonderful Etsy shop filled with lovely and unique vintage items! The colonial couple on the cake server set remind me of George and Martha Washington!
I was so happy to see Beverly's and Andrea's lit up faces when they opened their Christmas gifts; classic colonial is always a winner!


Dana said...

Very elegant gifts, you do a great job with the decoupage!

Amanda said...

Wow, those are such unique gifts! I hope they loved them! :)

M.M.E. said...

What a wonderful box! I love the cut-out of Washington. And what a great vintage find. I'm sure they really loved them.

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you ladies! The receivers most definitely adored the gifts! ;-) I had so much fun making the Washington tea tin...thank you for the complements!

Andrea said...

I love the colonial antique cake serving set you got me for Christmas; it is lovely and would be perfect for tea or a small birthday celebration. Thanks again, Jessy. Your colonial inspired tin that you made for Beverly is stunning! I'm sure she loved it. :-)