Friday, January 21, 2011

Celebrating National Hobby Month!

January is National Hobby Month, and in celebration of the wonderful joys of exploring our own creativity, I would like to share with you all six different crafts presented by some amazingly talented Etsy shop artists!

Did you know that by partaking in a hobby and creating something you are letting your mind expand in new ways and it will continue to grow?! Activating the brain by learning novel skills over time enhances memory and helps new brain cells survive, research shows. So have fun and create's not only enjoyable, but healthy for you too!
Auh, the beauty of the hand-stitch! This lovely cowl neck warmer called "The Uinta - Scarlet" by Chickadee Dee Custom Designed Stitchwear.
Breathtaking! I have always been stunned by how gorgeous mosaics are...this one is incredible! "Paisley Mosaic Swirl Retro Wall Plaque" by Ree Creation Mosaics.Wow, this acrylic painting is very intriguing and full of mystery...I love it! "Gothic Horror Art, Corridor of Doors and Dark Shadows, Original Painting" by Sarada.
Oooh la la, this red pomegranate sculpture is divine! "Ceramic Pomegranates" by Bliss Me Arts.
Aww, this hand-sewn dress is adorable! "Handmade Little Girls Alphabet Double Layered Dress with Pinafore" by Grammy Lambys Handmade Garments.

Woodwork is fascinating the the creations are functional and so much fun...especially for children!"Natural Wooden Race Car w/color people and wheels (RED)" by AE Wooden Toys.


Andrea said...

I love how what we do creatively expresses who we are, and allows us to get more familiar with what we are capable of doing. Jessy, your art has truly blossomed into a talent among anything I have ever seen of your kind of upcycling. You're an inspiration!

Chanelle said...

You are so kind to feature me. Thanks so much! I love your blog. :)

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Aww, Andy you are my little encouraging sweet pea! You are a talented and imaginative creator yourself...I am so excited about your new Etsy shop "Storybook Artifact"; your paintings and sketches are spectacular! I love making my hand-painted, upcycled decoupage your paintings and drawings, they each tell a unique story.

It's my pleasure Chanelle! Your stitched creations are gorgeous!