Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vintage Paper Ephemera Prints and How I Beautifully Store Them!

I am now selling vintage paper ephemera prints and ads! I will be adding more to my "Eco-Friendly Freckles" shop soon! Above is a vintage Christmas Coca-Cola ad and below is one of my prints from a sixties Barbie magazine!
I purchased this lovely floral box for safely storing my vintage prints...and I love it! I got it at Ross, but I bet you can find some similar on Etsy!
When I was going through some of my vintage sixties magazines, I found a lovely image of a woman in her bathroom amongst all of her elegant perfume bottles in a vintage Better Homes and Garden's magazine...I love the colors in this image and the lady's sixties hairstyle! I love it so much that I framed it and now it is on display in my bathroom!You can find all of my vintage paper ephemera prints here in my Etsy Shop:


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Gorgeously Organized!