Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Nutcracker Suite and the Sugar Plum Fairies

My darling sister, Andrea, and I took a blessed baby boy Bobby (my nephew and Andrea's dearly loved son) to one of the historic and charming parts of Tulsa: Utica Square. We stopped here for lunch to meet our grandmother Sharee (Bobby's great-grandmother). Before our lunch engagement, we noticed some delightful Christmas motionettes in an adorable Nutcracker Suite themed display joyously dancing around. We just couldn't pass this up...we had to get some pictures with Bobby by this festive display: above is Momma with Bobby, and below is myself with Bobby...we love him so very much!
Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite characters from the Nutcracker Suite were the sugar plum fairies. I remember as young girls, Andrea and I went to see the ballet "The Nutcracker"; I was amazed by the beauty of the dancing sugar plum fairies. Let's take a moment to enjoy the warmth and comfort of our cozy atmosphere away from the cold winter air and admire the beauty of the Sugar Plum are my favorite picks that I found on Etsy. ;-)

"The Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Tags" by Mulberry Muse

"Sugar Plum - Pink Tulle Clip" by Which Goose

"Sugar Plum Fairy Tutu" by Little Dreamers Inc

"The Nutcracker Party Crown" by Glam Hatter


Andrea said...

So lovely. I do believe in fairy tales! Love the crafts and also the pictures we took that day. :-) Bobby is our little prince charming.

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you Andy! Yes, Bobby is a very handsome little gentleman! ;-) Our sweet baby boy!