Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hand-Painted Decoupage Clock for our Mother!

My sister, Andrea, and I made this hand-painted decoupage clock for our mother's Christmas gift...she is going to LOVE it! We took an inexpensive clock and painted it with our mother's favorite color "pink". Since we wanted to display photos of us with Andrea's baby boy Bobby (our mother's first grandchild), we figured that a lovely metallic blue was perfect! Andrea printed off some of our favorite pictures of all of us and I painted the clock and pasted everything on it (including number stickers and grandma-themed scrapbook sticker embellishments). After everything was completed a took a some glossy Mod Podge and painted over the entire outside part of the clock to make the pink very pretty and shiny!
This is the adorable picture of cute baby Bobby at the top of the clock. He is partaking in some "tummy time"...I love to join in on the fun with him!


Andrea said...

This project couldn't have turned out any better! You did a wonderful job on putting it all together, Jessy. The painting turning out perfect; the photos and numbers fit in nicely too. Bobby's "tummy time" photo is just the right photo for this clock; signifying that it is always a good time for tummy time with Bobby. His Nana Vicki will love it!

Michelle said...

The clock is so sweet and original.

I'm wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

You ladies are the sweetest! I hope you both have a very Happy New Year!

Yes Andy, Bobby's Nana Vicki sure did light up when she saw this hand-painted clock...she loves it!