Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Dream of Being a Milk Maid!

The peacefully humble image featured above is a Butterick sewing pattern for a beautiful Milk Maid dress, bonnet, and apron. This item is titled "Milk Maid Little House on the Prairie Dress Bonnet and Apron Costume Butterick 4570 Sizes 8-10-12-14" by OhSewCharming. Please check out her Etsy shop to view her other delightful and inspiring sewing patterns...she also has a large variety of vintage ones!

My husband, Joe, and I purchased some REAL raw cow's milk and cream from a local farm lady "milk maid" and it is amazing how delicious and absolutely perfect it is! This particular raw milk comes from grass-fed Jersey cows and it is spectacular! We have had raw cow's milk for over a year now and we are captivated by it once again. Not only is raw "straight from the cow" milk incredibly creamy and tasty it is also VERY HEALTHY for you since you receive nutrients from it that you can not get from store bought milk...plus you also don't get the hormones, anti-biotics, and who knows what else that is in mainstream cow's milk. Please check out these two informative articles about why raw cow's milk is the way to go!



As the second article listed above mentions fermented raw milk is very beneficial for you; Joe and I are also making probiotic kefir out of our raw cow's milk. We also plan on making homemade ice cream with the raw milk and cream soon! I suggest everyone to give healthy and delicious raw milk a try; you can probably find a local dairy farmer in your area by searching the internet or going to your local farmer's markets. I can't wait to have a small dairy farm of my own someday and be a true milk maid!

If you would like to make your own probiotic kefir from raw cows milk, you can find the organic, probiotic kefir grain cultures in my etsy shop...all you need to do is purchase them once and you can make healthy and delicious kefir indefinitely!



Andrea said...

Yes, I would love to have a little dairy at home myself. You just need a close network of friends, who you can rely on, to come over and milk the cows' (or goats') in case of emergency ... or if you just plan on going on a trip/vacation.

Eating my last spoonfuls of granola cereal with goats' milk as I type; wouldn't it be nice if it were fresh milk. :-)

Andrea said...

Oops, still half asleep, I guess ... "up with congested Baby Bobby last night". Silly me put apostrophes after cows and goats. ;o)~

Crunchy Diva said...

that's funny i was just talking about raw milk today. it's something i would love to be able to purchase for my son, but alas they can't seel raw milk in Canada :( i need more friends with farms ;)

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Yes, we all need more friends with farms! I want to be a farmer for my friends...and like Andrea mentioned, I would also like dependable friends that I can count on to watch the farm in case of a vacation or an emergency.

Speaking of goat's milk, Joe and I want to buy goats for our farm before cows because for one: they are much less expensive and two: they still produce delicious, creamy milk (unlike typical goat's milk sold in stores). We are wanting to get some Nubian goats because they have a high fat content in their milk...which means more cream! :-D