Friday, October 8, 2010

Beautiful Birth of Five Little Kittens!

The warm and cozy image featured above is a print of a cute kitty in the hay titled "Calico Barn Cat" by heidishaulis. Please check out her Etsy shop to view her original paintings, cards and other prints. To me, this calico kitty resembles the pretty stray calico cat that gave birth to five kittens in my story below.

On Wednesday, my sweet mother-in-law, Beverly, gave safety, shelter, and love to a female stray cat who gave birth to a litter of five kittens! It was an adorable moment to get to see these tiny kittens so soon after being born. Beverly is going to take the stray mama cat to a local vet to be spayed and as soon as the kittens are ready to be weened, she will try to find homes for them...I will too! Of these five kittens, I am not sure how many are boys or girls but I do know that one is white, one is cream colored, one is orange/gold, one is black with white on nose & feet (looks like the father stray cat, Walter) and the last one is a calico kitten (who looks like the mama stray cat, Chloe). Below are some more photos that were taken shortly after the birth. :-)


Meeling said...

Soooooooo sweet!

Amanda said...

Oh my what goregous little babies _^..^_

Magpie said...

Ahhh, I love the little buff colored one! Thank goodness for your mother in law! She's a true friend to cats.

I believe calico (or tri-colored) cats are always female. So you know that one is a girl :)

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you ladies! Maggie, I think you're right...all of the calico kitties I have known have been females; I bet she is a little girl! I can't wait to see how these little kitties are doing at my mother-in-law's; she has a loving place in her heart for cats...and I do too! :-)