Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Bath Time!

Mama is giving baby Bobby a good scrub-a-dub-dub!

The other day, Grandma "Nana" Sharee, "Mama" Andrea, and "Aunty Jessy" (me) had the pleasure of bathing our lovably adorable baby boy Bobby in Nana's kitchen sink! We had a jolly good time and we were happy to use a bar of my all-natural, handmade soap that is safe for baby's sensitive skin! My "Golden Goddess" soap contains chamomile, neroli, and petitgrain essential oils that are gentle, healing, and safe for baby's skin. As you may already know, most essential oils should not be used on babies, however this selected blend of essential oils is safely soothing to our baby's bodies.

If you are interested, you can find my all-natural, handmade soap in my Etsy shop:

Here are some more pictures of baby Bobby's bath time fun!

Speaking of natural baby bath products...there is a wide variety of handmade, all-natural baby bath items on Etsy! Here are some of my favorite picks:

This soft, organic, hand-crocheted baby bath cloths would be wonderful for gently scrubbing baby's delicate skin! They are titled "ORGANIC-----ALL NATURAL COTTON-----SOFT BABY WASHCLOTHS WASH CLOTHS" and are created by khakaridesigns.

This cuddly, comfy organic cotton and bamboo terry hooded bath towel looks fabulous for swaddling baby while you dry him off! This one is titled "Eco-friendly Smart Hooded Towel in Yellow (organic cotton and bamboo)" by Pure Pixie.

Oooh la la, give your baby a natural, healing aromatherapy bath with this lovely oatmeal bath! This item is titled "Organic Soothing Oatmeal Bath for baby 8oz" by Little Nurslings.

What a wonderful idea! An organic hemp terry cloth bath mitt for baby in the bath; just put over your hand and you've got a soft bath time friend for your little one! This bath mitt comes with twelve organic baby cloth wipes and it is titled "organic 12 baby cloth wipes 1 bath mitt hemp french terry" by Curly Monkey. Isn't that a cute rubber ducky?!

Here is another rubber ducky and he's vintage! This is the same rubber ducky Andrea's and my Daddy used when he was a baby...and our Nana put in our bath to play with when we were little! Made of natural rubber, this classic sailor ducky is safe for you little one...just remember to clean your rubber ducky good so he won't begin to develop harmful bacteria; a sanitary bath toy is a fun friend! This rubber ducky is titled "AWESOME OLD RUBBER DUCKY" by jonscreations. Here is an article about how to clean these bath toys:


Amanda said...

He is so adorable, he looks like such a happy little fellow.

Emily-Claire Ballou said...

What a cutie! He seems to enjoy his bath time. :) I love the name of your blog!!!

Andrea said...

My little baby blue-eyed Bobby is such a handsome little man. ;-D So glad that you had your camera on you that day. These pictures are the best!

Need to start using Bobby's rubber ducky. His is made in Spain and made of natural latex, supposedly an all-natural material harvested from renewable rubber trees. Also, non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. >>> Manufactured by Rich Frog Industries, Inc. However, I very much so love the vintage rubber duck with the sailor's hat that you have featured on this post. I bet you he is made of natural rubber also. Takes me back to bath time fun when we were little, Jessy. ;-)

Andrea said...

Oh yes! Your soap was awesome that day! It lathers so well, and Bobby likes how soft and gentle it is too. I need to get some more for the house sometime soon. :-)

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Yes, Bobby is a cutie and a happy little guy! :-D

Andrea, I love the new rubber ducky you have for Bobby; I like that he is made with natural rubber (and I think painted with all-natural dyes?). My guess is that the vintage sailor ducky is made of natural rubber too; I remember that he felt like rubber...and he is so adorable and fun!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you Andy for complementing my soap! Yes, I need to get you some more that Christmas bells I hear?! ;-)