Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Embrace the Sun's Healing Properties Through Your Window

Ever notice how an indoor cat will curl up on the floor where the sun is coming in through the window...embracing the wonderful benefits of the sun and enjoying it's warmth? The picture above is of our Flame-Point Siamese girl, Nozomi, doing just this...I adore the freckles on her nose!

Just like how little Nozomi here is embracing the sun's benefits so can you! Did you know that it is possible to soak up the sun's Vitamin D and even get a little tan through your window...depending on which type of glass you have; as long as it doesn't have too much UV protection, you can soak up all of the healing properties our precious sun has to offer!

Thankfully we can kiss our winter blues goodbye just by lying under an open window! The other day, I gave it a try and basked in the sun under our bedroom window by our little indoor herb garden. It was a serene moment and after switching from front to back a couple of times (probably tanned for about 15 minutes), I got up and realized that I had the classic rosy hue to my skin and when I poked myself the area became white and then went back to rosy...showing that I got a little sun glow! So go ahead and give it a try; maybe try reading a book or setting up your desk by a window; or do what I did, just lay down a yoga mat and soak up the sun!

The beautiful image of a sunny window is titled "Through Your Window" by Liz's Shop. Check out her Etsy shop filled with gorgeous original prints!


Andrea said...

Lovely. We'll have to do this once it starts to get to cold to go outside. That vitamin D is great stuff! :-D

Magpie said...

I know we all need more vitamin D than most people are getting...this is a good way to get some!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

We all do need more Vitamin D...what better way to warm up from the winter weather than with a hot cup of tea and some sunshine through the window?...Oh yeah, and there is always the cozy, warm fireplace (wish we had one)! I will just have to go over to Andrea's house for that! ;-)

julie cavender said...

A south-facing window is wonderful on a winter day when the sun streams through.