Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moonlit Anniversary Dinner at the White Owl Pub

The adorably romantic image above is an original print titled "Moonlight Date" and is a creation by Kate Endle Collage. Please check out her delightful Etsy shop filled with her original collages and prints!

Yesterday was Joe's and my two year anniversary and we decided to celebrate it at this new restaurant called The White Owl Pub on Cherry Street (in Tulsa, Oklahoma); we picked this particular restaurant because, of course, I had a coupon and secondly because their menu looked awesome! When we arrived, it wasn't quite what I had expected; I was envisioning an upscale type bar, this seemed a little more "sports bar-ish"...although, I think the playoffs were playing or something because there were a lot of people whooping and hollering at the big screen TVs with "the game" on. So I told Joe, "this is not going to do" our solution plan worked wonders! We decided to move a table outside and eat on the sidewalk, I had noticed another couple had done just that when we walked into the bar/restaurant, so we joined in their splendid idea!

Joe and I in front of the White Owl can see our table behind us!

As Joe sipped on his local Octoberfest beer and I on my refreshing Pear Cider Ale, we ordered an array of delicious comfort foods: "grown-up" macaroni and cheese (with fire roasted tomatoes and green onions), fried fish and fried chicken legs, mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli...with fancy, black cloth napkins I should add! Sitting under the moonlight by a trendy Tulsa street, we gazed into each others' romantic eyes and shared cherished memories and dreams. We finished the picturesque dinner with my all-time favorite dessert: Dark Chocolate Crème Brulée; this particular one was served with the classic strawberries, powdered sugar, and caramelized sugar top, yet what set this one apart from most was the consistency of the crème brulée, for it was more like a pudding than the custard texture of a classic crème brulée. However, I did LOVE the chocolate liqueur they used (which the waitress didn't know the name of) inside of this decadent dessert...pudding or crème brulée this amazing dessert is definitely worth making the trip back to the White Owl Pub! This was a precious night to remember...let's just say that when we arrived home the two white owls did a little more than just cuddle! ;-D

The darling image above is a print of an original watercolour painting titled "Cuddly Owls" by Art Enchanted Woods. Please check out her beautiful Etsy shop filled with original artist paintings and prints.


Andrea said...

You two love birds look like you had a lovely evening. Happy Anniversary. ;-)

Maggie said...

Happy anniversary!

knottyandnyce said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful owl prints! :)

RhiannonSTR said...

Aww... Happy Anniversary - mine is in a few days also!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you so very much ladies for the Anniversary wishes! :-) Yes, the owl prints are lovely! Congratulations Rhiannon on your upcoming anniversary!