Friday, May 23, 2014

Vintage Inspired Wedding Lovelies From My Beloved "Sister Shops"!

It's that time of year again, love is in bloom and it's the wedding season! Nostalgically romantic and sentimental brides-to-be carry on their family traditions while expressing their unique sense of style as well as the individual personalities of the bride and groom throughout their blessed wedding day. Vintage inspired weddings are very popular this wedding season, and here I would love to share my favorite vintage bridal lovelies reminiscent and discovered from yesteryear!

In the vintage wedding dress listing presented above from my sister Andrea's Etsy shop "Storybook Artifact", Andrea is modeling a lovely bronze "il pleut" umbrella blue and turquoise Swarovski crystal jewelry set handmade by our dear friend Stephany. The necklace can be admired here in her new Etsy shop Zou Bisou Bijoux, by clicking the necklace image above. Paired up with the matching bronze "il pleut" umbrella earrings pictured below, this stunning jewelry set is a perfect "wedding shower" (thinking of the umbrella) bridal gift and with the blue and turquoise crystals, it makes a special traditional "something blue" gift for a bride-to-be!

Many brides carry on the tradition of this old English rhyme...
Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.
Vintage inspired bridal pieces capture the "something old", and if borrowed from a loved one, they are "something borrowed" as well! These four objects a bride adds to her wedding ensemble or carries them with her on her big day...and tradition says they are good luck charms! Here is another stunning vintage wedding dress found in my sister's Storybook Artifact Etsy shop, modeled by me!

Shower the beautiful, beloved bride with a handmade one-of-a-kind keepsake gift created by my darling Aunt Mary Lynn found in our Etsy sister shop "LaOohLaLa Boutique". The bride will always hold this thoughtful gift, a "something blue" Victorian lady pillow, dear to her heart; it depicts a gleefully glowing engaged bride-to-be holding her blue and white flower bouquet...and can be viewed by clicking on the image below. This could also possibly be a ring bearer's pillow for carrying down the aisle with it pocket for holding the wedding ring bands on the back of the pillow!

...and some more vintage inspired wedding lovelies from our sister shops!
1953 Gibson Wedding Card Advertisement from LaOohLaLa Boutique...nostalgic bridal shower wall art!
1953 Warners Merry Widow Lingerie Ad from LaOohLaLa Boutique...more wedding shower wall art!
1950s Warners Bridal Merry Widow (from LaOohLaLa Boutique)...Marilyn Monroe had one just like it!!!
1940s Alice Blue Nylon Bed Jacket from LaOohLaLa Boutique..."Something Blue" for the Honeymoon!

...AND drum roll please...Coming soon to Storybook Artifact, handmade decoupage sheet music wedding party favor cups! They are made from 100% recycled materials; yogurt cups and beautifully aged vintage sepia colored sheet music from the 1800s!!! They are absolutely lovely, and I can't wait to make up enough for a typical wedding party guest amount for an Etsy listing! :-)


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