Saturday, May 17, 2014

Post-Surgery Kitty Cat

Nozomi sitting pretty with her favorite hand-crocheted afghan made by my mother-in-law Beverly's (owner of Maddie's Trinkets and Bobbles) darling late mother and a handmade pin up pillow made by my Aunt Mary Lynn...More of her original pin up pillows can be viewed in her Etsy shop LaOohLaLa Boutique.

Our sweet kitty Nozomi had surgery yesterday to remove a large stone from her bladder; she is back home today and appears to be doing well...much better than I expected! We have created a cozy home for her in a nice, big private crate (thanks to my sweet mother-in-law Beverly of Maddie's Trinkets and Bobbles for lending it to us). Nozomi loves boxes so we put one inside so she has a bed along with cushy towels, her litter box, food and water, and a sprinkle of catnip. We are giving her pain medicine as directed by the vet, and she is resting well which I think will hasten her recovery. Surprisingly, she has her usual sweet-as-can-be mood and has been dealing with this unpleasant situation so very well! If you live in the Tulsa area of Oklahoma, I highly recommend Hunters Glen Veterinary Hospital; they have been so very helpful for Nozomi's care!

I would like to take a moment and share the story behind Nozomi's unique name. One day my twin sister Andrea (owner of Storybook Artifact), Nana Sharee (co-owner of LaOohLaLa Boutique), and I were all at a local garage sale one day and our Nana noticed a sign that showed a picture of this beautiful Flame Point Himalayan cat that said "Free to Good Home". She instantly knew that both Andrea and I would want her. The house had several dogs that were not friendly to the kitty, so she quickly needed a good home. Her owner said her name was "Angel" (last name "Sunday"), which my husband Joe and I still call her "Angel" as a nickname because it doesn't only suit her angelic looks, but more her sweet personality! Anyway, Andrea first had the kitty, and she named her "Marshamella" because she thought that she looked like a toasted marshmallow! Haha! She wasn't able to keep the kitty; so I was thrilled to have her! I immediately knew the name that I wanted to give her. Being similar to an oriental Siamese cat with her markings (but I love that she has a strawberry blonde tint like my hair) and having fuzzy white angora like fur, I named her after my favorite character in a retro Japanese Dreamcast video game called Shenmue! Yes, a very unique name indeed! The young Japanese lady "Nozomi" has a very sweet personality, helps her grandmother run a flower shop, and is always seen wearing a fuzzy white turtleneck sweater. 

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Vyvian Gorbea said...

You have such an adorable cat. Nozomi looks quite comfortable sitting on your mother-in-law's afghan. Haha! I'm glad she is feeling better. I can tell you're giving her a lot of care even after the surgery. I totally agree with you though that the Nozomi from the dreamcast game and Nozomi the cat seem to be both sweeties. I would love to hear more. Do keep us posted! :)

Vyvian Gorbea