Saturday, May 10, 2014

Transform Old Calenders and Containers into Repurposed Decoupage Gift Boxes!

Yes, these delightfully adorable homemade gifts cost only pennies to make! I upcycled an old cocoa tin and a plastic eclair container and transformed them into repurposed decoupage gift boxes ready for an endless variety of little treasures to place inside...For these Mother's Day gifts, I am going for chocolates for my favorite seasoned motherly matron and baby girl clothes for my dearest friend and new mother to a precious baby girl...I'm not naming names, but you know who you are! All I did was use my favorite trusty decoupage craft medium "Mod Podge" and I cut out some beautiful images from a darling old calender with artwork from Barbara Ann Kenney that I received from my sweet and thoughtful mother-in-law Beverly (Etsy shop owner of Maddie's Trinkets and Bobbles). The completed products remind me of cottage chic lovelies that I would expect to find in a quaint little local mom & pop brick and mortar boutique filled with feminine frills and delicious sweets!

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