Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nature's Shadow Box - Etsy Seller Photography Tip

I am certainly no expert, but through the years I have experimented with several different ways of shooting my photography for my Etsy shop Eco-Friendly Freckles, and with many trial and error experiments I have discovered that the best "technique" for my optimal photography style is photographing in natural light outdoors on an overcast day. 

I remember once reading in the Etsy Seller Handbook section of the Etsy Blog that "overcast days are like nature's shadow box", and I have found this to be true! Although, the white light may be too bright or too dark at times depending on the type of cloud cover, shadows and glaring direct sunlight are no longer a problem for me! 

I still using photo editing software on all of my Etsy shop images mainly to brighten them slightly and enhance the color and vibrancy a little...and I am happy with the results! Here is an example of one of my shop item photographs that is pictured with a solid white poster board backdrop that I use for most of my item listings...notice the evenly dispersed light:

So grab your favorite camera and take some experimental shots on an overcast day, you might be surprised! I use a Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd 10MP digital camera with 12X Optical Zoom. Do you have any photography tips?! If so, please share in the comments of this blog article! I'd love to read them!


Ema Beck said...

Thank you finding my photo fascinating and putting it in your post. I really enjoy shooting on cloudy days because when there is a break of sunlight, it appears almost divine. It's a lovely thing to see.

Thank you again for including my work.


Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

It's been a pleasure featuring you Ema! I agree with you about the heavenly beauty of the sunlight beaming from a cloud covered sky! It's an auh-mazing sight! ;-)

Twin Satori Photography said...

Thank you for featuring my nested camera photograph! I also enjoy that cusp between cloudy and sunny. Playing with light and shooting into the rays of sun can create some beautiful character in an image. I liked seeing all of the other photography you featured here!