Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Lark": A Novel By Erica Cope - My Book Review

"Lark": A Novel By Erica Cope

My beautifully talented cousin Erica Cope has written a captivating story that intrigued me the moment I saw the mystical book cover and peered inside to read the first few pages. I am typically a non-fiction reader; I enjoy reading self-help and DIY style books to enlighten me about topics that are new to me and that I am passionate in learning about at the moment.

The last time I read a fiction novel that truly captivated me was about ten years ago! Yes, it has been that long ago! The book was a classic romantic literary tale..."Wuthering Heights" a novel by Emily Brontë; the sister of Charlotte Brontë who wrote the legendary tale "Jane Eyre". I was enthralled by the gripping story of Wuthering Heights, completely fascinated by the interesting characters; especially the dark and mysterious Mr. Heathcliff! Although the 1800s style of writing was eloquent and beautiful, it often was a little challenging for me to quickly and fluently picture the story as I often caught myself re-reading a sentence to ensure that I understood what was being conveyed in this antique Victorian era novel. Nonetheless, I was compelled to read the riveting tale of Wuthering Heights to its end as it did intrigue me very much. 

"Wire-Wrapped Blue Lace Agate" by Little Turtle Jewelry; reminiscent of Mia's amulet in "Lark" and can be found in my Lark inspired Etsy treasury collection featured below...

However, all bias aside, Erica's novel "Lark" is a tale that mesmerizes me all the more! I literally could not put this book down! Everything was so wonderfully described that I could clearly envision the tale vividly playing out in my mind...romance, mystery, fantasy,...everything that I have ever wanted to find in a great novel. I am honored to have it sitting pretty on my bookshelf so I can turn to it anytime I want to venture into another world! Celestial Light Elves, elemental magic, and an opulent castle await you in this story that is sure to pull at your heart strings; bringing back fond memories and feelings that you experienced once upon a time during your magical first kiss! There are no spoilers in this little book review as I do highly recommend that you read Erica Cope's "Lark" for yourself...and if you need a visual stimulant for a little extra encouragement; I've put together an Etsy treasury collection of items that is inspired by Lark and includes some prominent elements from the tale that continue to enchant me!

 I am happily anticipating Erica's sequel book to Lark titled "In the Shadows" that is coming out soon! Please check out Erica Cope's blog "here" to find out more about Lark and this fanciful trilogy!

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Artifact Andrea said...

Lark by Erica Cope appears to be an enchanting romanic tale; totally intrigued to read this novel!