Friday, February 4, 2011

Mother Nature's Gift

The mystical, whimsical image above is an original watercolor painting titled "Earth's Soul" by Egyptian Cat. Please check out her enchanting etsy shop!

Nature's healing gifts are all around us; the medicinal herbs that grow, the therapeutic water that nourishes us, the amazing animals and pets that bring us health and happiness. We are surrounded by an abundance of gifts, yet so many of us do not stop to notice. We watch our televisions, use our synthetic laden products, and work indoors under artificial light; as human beings we have evolved into consumers and technical minds far apart from the nature-connected beings of our past. Our ancestors had farms, got adequate amounts of sunshine, and spent quality time with their children teaching them the essentials of life. We are so spoiled now with having everything we think we need at massive supermarkets; when in reality, mass-produced items made with chemicals and artificial ingredients are truly beginning to threaten our health.
My husband, Joe, and I strive to live more like our ancestors did; although we do not have a farm (we hope to someday have one), we purchase only "whole foods" nothing processed, making sure we recognize everything that is on the nutrition labels as "real foods". During the spring and summer we look forward to having our organic, heirloom garden up and running again and we would love to start supporting and shopping at our local farmer's markets. I know these are relatively small steps in the big scheme of becoming a self-sufficient naturalist; but we are certainly heading in the right direction. It feels incredible to be connected with nature; growing our own food and getting sunshine brings me peace and pride within self.

I also love learning about all of the healing herbs this wonderful world has to offer us! Researching and wildcrafting herbs that naturally grow around us locally is fascinating and rewarding...and so much fun! Aromatherapy is also another study of mine that I find very healing and intriguing.

I have discovered an excellent Etsy Team called "Heal Naturally" where all of the team members share there wisdom, experiences, and promote their own and support other member's Etsy is a fabulous team indeed! It is delightful to be amongst other nature-loving minds to bounce ideas off of and get support! Please check out the team for yourself!

This is a treasury I created yesterday titled "Golden Yogini Goddess" where I feature several members from the "Heal Naturally Etsy Team".

I am also very flattered to have some of the medicinal herbs in my Etsy shop featured in some spectacular treasuries!
This stunning treasury is titled "Trrrrr.." by CatHot; she and I are both members of the Etsy STAT TEAM. CatHot features my Dark Jade Indo Kratom a healing dried powdered herb.

Here is another treasury where my kratom herb is featured! CreatIVYty features my Dark Jade Indo Kratom and my Magnificent Malaysian Kratom in this lovely and very springy treasury titled "Green Is On My Mind"; she is also a sweet member of the Etsy STAT Team.

This warm and cozy treasury is titled "Feathers and Fur, Wood and Stone" and is created by STAT Team member Pajazzled; she features my medicinal White Willow Bark.


Will Write 4 Food said...

Thank you for sharing such wonderful information! It is good to see others trying to lessen our impact on the earth (and truly ourselves when you look at what awful things we put into our bodies through things like processed foods).

Although, we are a family that lives in moderation with it. I buy as natural as possible when I can afford it, but I feel that some things in moderation can be alright if you're careful.

Thanks for sharing!

-Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Yes, moderation is key. It can be difficult for many families to afford the natural or organic versions of the foods we eat. This is why I think it is essential to grow a lot of our own food so we can save money and then we can afford the more expensive organic foods. Also, learning to can your own food can be valuable because you can enjoy your bountiful crops all year long.

My husband, Joe, and I haven't quite achieved all of these things yet; but we sure are excited to try! :-)

Edera (CreatIVYty) said...

Thanks for showing my Treasury list on your blog ... it's beautiful!
Now I read it with calm.

Have a nice day!

Artifact Andrea said...

Romantic and Earthy! Great Treasuries Too!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

You're very welcome Edera. :-)Thank you ladies!