Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Good Nutrition Month!

The delightful image above is an original oil painting titled "Salmon Run" and is created by Flying Cat Studio.

Imagine for a moment, happy healthy salmon swimming along having a jolly good time (like the ones pictured above) and all of a sudden a mammoth-sized monstrous genetically-engineered salmon comes zooming near eating all of the normal healthy salmon...think this a fairytale? Think again, this is really happening!

In celebration of this Good Nutrition Month of November, I am exposing the truth about genetically-engineered salmon. Please check out these articles about this pressing health issue:

GM Salmon Frankenfish About to be Unleashed into US Food Supply

GE Salmon? Are You Out of Your Minds?


Andrea said...

It is so important to recognize the difference between farm-raised and wild fish. Plus, there are other (even better) sources for healthful Omega 3 fish oils: like sardines that have a lower incidence of mercury contamination because of their smaller size. Sardines are actually the majority of what wild salmon have in their diets; instead of genetically modified corn, which is what farm-raised fish are fed. Also the amount of Omega 3 fish oil is greater per serving in sardines, and often more affordable than salmon too.

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Fantastic input Andy! I LOVE sardines...they are so delicious and full of essential fats and oils! Like you mentioned, they have relatively low mercury levels which is very important.

However, regarding the genetically-engineered "Frankenfish" salmon...we better watch out...eww, you are right about them being fed corn; that is definitely not normal for a salmon's diet.