Friday, November 12, 2010

A Blissful Birthday for Beverly!

Yesterday evening Joe and I had Beverly (Joe's mother and my mother-in-law) over with her fiance Matt to celebrate her birthday. We all had a wonderful time visiting and listening to Dean Martin music which brought sweet memories of Beverly's childhood to her mind. :-)

She loved her present full of various goodies; but I think her favorite of all was a hand-crocheted Cookie Monster Scarf that Joe and I got from Hilary's Dreaming in Yarn: The Wonderful World of Crochet...please check out this adorable Etsy shop! Being a Sesame Street fan, crochet creator herself, and lover of the color blue...Beverly loves this scarf! Seeing the happy look of surprise on her face when she opened her birthday gift gave me so much joy!Earlier in the day, I had my sister, Andrea, and her lovable baby boy Bobby over to help me make Beverly's birthday cake. Beverly loves her hometown (Tulsa) and enjoys exploring its history (architecture, people, etc.); so I wanted to make a cake with this theme. I decided to make a Golden Driller Cake to represent the Tulsa Golden Driller (pictured below). This cake was a moist lemon cake with lemon curd (containing fresh squeezed organic lemon juice) filling in between the layers and with organic lemon zest frosting...we naturally colored the frosting of the cake with a little bit of turmeric (could not taste it in the icing at all) and for the outline we added some cocoa (brown) to the yellow frosting which made a beautiful bronze...perfect for a Golden Driller! Ha ha, Andrea said the cake looked like Bob the Builder, I think it looked like Matthew McConaughey with a little gut, and Joe said it looked like George Washington!


Andrea said...

Love the scarf! I'm sure she loved it. The cake turned out so cute too. :-)

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thanks Andy! Beverly was so happy with the party, cake, and scarf! This was a very special birthday! :-)