Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Halloween Become a Witchy Woman with These Love Spells!

"How to be a Sensuous Witch" (written in 1971) is a combination of time-tested rituals and bewitching recipes guaranteed to satisfy you and your lover. There are spells to attract both men and money (poverty is counter-sensuous), to arouse passion, or (if you desire) to separate your lover from you. The recipes range from elegant dinners to restorative breakfasts...this book is sure to teach you some tricks with its tasty and mesmerizing treats! Along with this book, I would love to feature some other tools you can use to inspire and create your witchy woman love spells from vendors on Etsy!

This is a dazzling gift for you and your lover, it's a "Love Witch Bottle Kit" by White Magic.

A tantalizing aroma sure to put your lover in a trance, this "Practical Magic Room Spray 2oz - Love Spell" is created by MicheleSeraphim.

What an adorable little tool to add to your love spell kit, this "True Love Red Heart Altar - Sigil Stone" is created by Dryw.

This witchy woman paper weight is sure to inspire your love spell experiments; it is called "Halloween Love Potion Large Rectangle Glass Paperweight" created by BixlerandJohnson.

Oooh la la, this stunning red candle will allure your lover; it is called "Love Spell Candle Handmade by White Witch" and is created by FreeWillMagick.

Wow, what a gorgeous love spell bottle! This item is called "Altered Bottle Love Potion No. 9" and is hand-crafted by WindandHoney.

An eye-catching pendant with a rhyming love spell will surely give you success with your spells! This is titled "Love Potion Pendant Necklace" by phings.

This might possibly be the ultimate love spell for your man! "Love Potion -Beloved for men - ORGANIC Aromatherapy Blend" is created by lotusflowerherbals.

Speaking of the lotus flower, from personal experience and from the famous Egyptian goddess of love, Cleopatra; the blue lotus flower is said to be one of the strongest known aphrodisiac herbs. You can make a tea out of it, or could make it like Cleopatra: by soaking the blue lotus petals into wine...doesn't the "Love Spell No. 9" rhyme speak of a love spell wine?! Well, I think this blue lotus wine is it!

If you are interested in purchasing some high-quality Egyptian Blue Lotus, please come to my shop "Eco-Friendly Freckles", I have some wonderfully potent and fresh blue lotus for all of your witchy woman love spell needs!


Dryw said...

Wonderful!! Great, witchy atmosphere! Well done!

Anne said...

great post! xo

Andrea said...

Nothing is wrong with a little sweet magic to get those bedroom eyes on. ;-* This post proves that being "wickedly thoughtful" isn't necessarily an oxymoron; just as long as free will doesn't get involved ... For your honey-bun though, love potions/brews are perfectly innocent. ;-) Love it. <3

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you ladies! Little Miss Andrea here is quite the "witchy woman", she is always sneaking aphrodisiacs into her cooking; especially stews! The cold season will be here soon and I know she will be back to making her spell-bound stews with Horny Goatweed and all...her husband doesn't have a clue and they have such a passionate marriage! ;-D

WindandHoney said...

Thank you for including my Love Potion No. 9 Bottle in your lovely blog.