Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Family's Precious Little Gift

This is a picture of me and my precious baby nephew Bobby; he is such a cherished gift for our family. Bobby is now 5 weeks old and he got to see his grandmother (my twin sister, Andrea's, and my mother, Vicki) for the first time yesterday. Our mother who is only forty-eight has lived in a nursing home for eleven years due to the debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis (now she is completely paralyzed; unable to move from below her neck). Little Bobby is her first grandchild, and she was so very happy to see him.

Andrea and I were cautious about bringing baby Bobby inside of the nursing home since he is such a young, delicate infant still; so we had an enjoyable picnic outside in front of the nursing home. Under the trees by a picnic table, Andrea and I with our grandmother "Nana" Sharee (Bobby's GREAT-grandmother) fed our mother her lunch and oohed and aahed over littly Bobby with mommy...our mother very rarely gets to come outside and yesterday was the absolute perfect weather.

Here is an old picture of Mommy, me, Daddy, Andrea, and our Nana Sharee (Andrea and I were seven years old in this picture...this was just around the time when she began to have trouble moving her legs because of her MS).

Our mother's eyes were filled with joy by the sight of adorable Bobby; she kept repeating his name (Bobby Clay) and saying that he is "a little cutie". We look forward to bringing him back to see his Grandmother Vicki again soon. Look at Bobby's cute little smirk in this picture with his Momma Andrea...our mother loves this photo (I put a lot of new photos of Bobby on her digital picture frame that sits on her shelf by her side of the bed...she treasures viewing these precious moments dearly). One of my greatest aspirations is bringing our mother happiness...anything I can do to make her happy will bring me peace of mind in return. I love her so very much.


Magpie said...

Your little nephew is adorable, and a treasure for your family! I can tell he is greatly loved!

I'm so sorry that your mother has multiple sclerosis. And she is so very young. She is beautiful in the photo you posted! I'm glad that you and your sister are able to bring her some joy by bringing her little grandson to visit!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you Maggie for the sweet words. Yes, little Bobby is very loved! It was a beautiful and touching moment getting to see how happy our mother was to meet her baby grandson. :-)

Andrea said...

Yes, I really enjoyed the visit too! I'm am so glad that we were able to get her out into the fresh air that day. We should do this again soon, and like you said, bringing her a snack (like a fruit smoothie) instead of lunch would be best. This way you'll be able to pamper her beforehand for pictures and won't feel rushed to get her something on her tummy. Love that you are putting updated photos on her digital picture frame. :-)

mywifesstudio said...

Thank you for sharing this very special family time with all of us!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

I love that idea Andy...mommy loves being pampered! ;-D Aww, thank you MyWifesStudio for thoughtfully taking interest in my family story.