Friday, September 10, 2010

I Love My Sweet and Loving Kitty Cats

The beautiful print above is called "I Love My Cat" and it is created by
eledia1. Please check out her gorgeous Ukranian glass paintings in her Etsy shop!

The very talented Elena (creator of the print above) wrote a lovely, almost poetic piece about cats that I would love to share with all of you!

"Cats are always there if you're lonely or need someone to cuddle with you. If you love cats they love you back. They are very cute, cuddly, and sweet. Even if they might act a little strange and it seems like they hate you, then you're wrong because they will always love you. They purr in your lap when you're petting them and they lick you on your cheeck as a sign that means they will never want to leave you. You could also play with them when you want to have some fun. Cats are simply the best!"

This is so very true! I love my cats dearly; they each have their own funny, unique personalities and bring so much happiness into my life. They comfort you when you are sick or sad, they sleep with you at night, and snuggle into your lap as if to say "I love you"...they also love to play and make you laugh! Here is a picture of our girl kitty, Nozomi, who fell asleep on my magazine pile as I was cutting out clippings for my decoupage canisters...she is such an inspirational little helper: she is great for adding a calming ambiance to my creative comfort zone! Ha ha, in fact she is purring on my lap as I type. ;-)

...and here is a picture, that I took the other day, of my two charming boys (best friends forever) Magnum and Buster.


Andrea said...

Looks like Nazomi is sleeping on the job. ;o)~

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Ha ha, yeah she loves to do that...she is my inspirational slacker!