Monday, November 15, 2010

Celebrating America Recycles Day and Being a Cool Geek!

In honoring America Recycles Day, I would like to remind everyone to please recycle your old computers and computer parts! There is a high demand to effectively and safely recycle old computers; environmentally safe disposal of these electronics is essential for protecting our environment. With ever changing technological advances, people are constantly updating their computers and thus we need a means of recycling them properly. The other day, my grandmother "Nana" Sharee and I were cleaning/organizing my home and we took three old computer monitors, two printers, and an old keyboard to a local computer repair store and they recycled them safely for us! I suggest everyone in need of recycling old computer parts to please check out your local computer repair store and recycling centers to see if they accept and recycle these environmentally hazardous electronics.

Also, in support of recycling computer parts, these nifty Etsy shops are selling cool items made from recycled computer parts...check em' out...and become a cool geek!"Computer Key - esc - Ring Adjustable" by Dandy Florence
"Recycled Circuit Board Funky Frog Desk Clock Geekery" by DebbyAremDesigns
"Dangle Earrings Tiny Circuits on Sterling Lever Backs" by Violets New Vintage
"We Are In Your Computer Corrupting Your Files Computer Bug Magnet Set" by Glamasaurus

"OMG Keyboard Necklace" by Keyed Up


Emme Toaye said...

I love to see recycled items reincarnated into a new life so different from the life they once led and not doomed to some landfill.

Jessica Woody said...

Emme, we share the same passion and pleasure! Recycling isn't just good for our makes me feel good too! I want to do what I can to keep landfills from growing and taking over our beautiful earth. ;-)

Andrea said...

LOVE IT! Holding on to your old technology is one thing, but making something of it is awesome!

Renee, aka mamacooker said...

This is great!

Dita Maulani said...

I heart geekery items!
Those are neat!