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January in June - A Quirky, Fun Dose of Winter Favorites in the Summertime!
This morning I was writing up a description for another one of my Aunt Mary Lynn's lovely original pin up pillows; this particular pillow displays a beautiful winter scene featuring three Victorian lady sisters partaking in a joyous sleigh ride together in the snow. As the story behind this stunningly scenic pillow was flowing from my fingertips onto my keyboard, a thought crossed my mind, "How ironic is it that I am writing a story about a winter scene in the month of June?". I've been sunbathing with my sweetheart in the heat of summer all week long and the thought of cold snow and chill in the air sounds absolutely delightful! My husband Joe thinks I am funny sometimes because I like hot coffee in the summertime while he is craving an iced cup of java. When I think about it, there are quite a few wintertime pleasures that I enjoy in the summer; so I am going to share a few of them here with you while I sip on my hot cup of afternoon coffee in the sultry month of June (with indoor air conditioning of course) during the summer solstice...the longest day of the year!

Thinking about "January in June" reminded me of an old photograph of my husband's beautiful grandmother Esther on his mother's side; this photo was taken in the 1930s and as you can see the words "June in January" are written in the corner, because she is being very bold wearing her swimsuit and standing (what looks like barefoot) in the snow! Doesn't she look like a classic war era pin up girl?!...Well she sure was! Here is another picture that is more seasonally appropriate for June, she is absolutely adorable!

Once again, I am reminded of one of my Aunt's darling handmade pin up pillows, here is "Sunkissed Summer":

First I want to share one of my mother-in-law Beverly's pretty hand-crocheted scarves (Esther shown above is her beloved late mother). Here I am modeling the crocheted lovely!

A crochet scarf is warm, cozy, and usually considered only a chilly season fashion accessory, this particular handmade scarf from Beverly's Etsy shop "Maddie's Trinkets and Bobbles" has been getting lots of favorites, views, and five features in summer Etsy treasury collections in the last 30 days! I think this can be attributed to its refreshing mint sage color...It is also one of my favorites as well! Here is the most recent summery treasury titled "Pastel Summer":

Now, onto the rest of my quirky, fun winter seasonal favorites to admire in this summery month of June...

My sister Andrea's homemade ginger cookies! I know gingerbread men are normally a holiday favorite, and ginger spice desserts are typically enjoyed during the fall and winter months...but Joe and I are obsessed with Andrea's ginger cookies any time of year! These "Ex Boyfriend Ginger Bread Cookies" can be found in Andrea's Etsy shop Storybook Artifact, and are great for serving around Halloween!

Like I mentioned before, I still love my hot coffee (and tea) during the summertime and these dainty vintage 1950s seafoam green and blue tea cups are the perfect vessels for a hot cup of something satisfying! This set of two can be found in my Eco-Friendly Freckles Etsy shop.

Speaking of coffee, my favorite is an organic dark roast...and this one sounds fabulous! "Sumatran Organic Fair Trade Dark French Roast Coffee" by Redbud Roasters.

My sweet Flame Point Himalayan kitty cat girl "Nozomi" loves snuggling up with her favorite hand-crocheted afghan (it was handmade with love my Esther)! My readers may remember the pictures I have shared of my cat with her beloved matter what the season is, I love cuddling with my precious kitty and afghan! It is a colorful striped afghan that reminds me of this handmade treasure by Etsy shop "Chocolate Dog Studio".

A hot nourishing cup of tea and warm comforting candles are two of my wintertime favorites and these hand-forged carbon steel palm torches symbolize these two chilly season favorites (kratom and candles) combined into one piece! These beautiful heated, hammered, and etched "Rifat Kratom Hand Candles" can be found in the Etsy shop "Fire Fractal Works".

I have always been a fan of the dark, rich, full-bodied brews of the winter season versus the light, refreshing, pale ales so popular in the summer season. My all time favorite is Samuel Smith's Oat Meal Stout Beer; and that is exactly what this handmade soap smells like! That is so awesome! These "Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap Bars" can be found in Etsy shop "Anderson Soap Company".

Lastly, on the topic of irresistibly delicious alcoholic beverages, cinnamon whiskey is often considered a fall/winter cocktail ingredient...but I like it straight and HOT in the summer! Just polished off a big birthday bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey with my sweetie and I think I need this epic upcycled Fireball Whiskey liquor bottle lamp by Etsy shop Liquor Luminations!

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I loved reading this, Jessica! Your descriptions are so perfect.
Very proud of you....and thanks for mentioning my scarves and Etsy shop!