Monday, March 28, 2011

My Repurposed Yorgurt Planters Featured on Re-Nest Website!

My recycled/upcycled yogurt planters are featured on the Re-Nest website in the article titled "15 Repurposed Planters: Just Add Dirt"...Check out this fascinating and fun article with some unusual and beautiful planter ideas!

By the way, they found my repurposed yogurt picture from my past blog article titled "Repurposed Yogurt Cup Planters and Our Window Sill Garden".

Here is an interesting excerpt from this article of mine about recycling yogurt containers...

"Did you know that many yogurt containers are not recyclable at all. Most yogurt containers are produced with polypropylene (#5) plastic, which isn’t recycled in most communities; including here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Even those made with #2 HDPE plastic, which is normally recycled, may be trashed once they get to the recycling center because they melt at a different temperature than the plastic bottles made of #2 HDPE. With this in mind, reducing the number of yogurt containers you purchase, and reusing as many as possible, is even more important."

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Artifact Andrea said...

Awesome recycling idea! My local recycling service doesn't take #5 plastics, which are yogurt cups, sour cream and cottage cheese containers, and some butter tubs. I generally just hold on to them, and they ted to pile up ... if I don't give them away with leftovers in them. Thanks for the eco-wise gardening tip. :-)