Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Functional Art Piece for the Baby's Nursery!

I gave my twin sister, Andrea, one of my hand-painted, upcycled decoupage creations for her sweet baby boy's nursery at her baby shower. She absolutely adores it and I am so happy to see her not only displaying it in the baby's room but she is also utilizing it as a functional piece of art. This is what she says about it:

"This was the best, most personalized, and handy gift I could have received at the baby's shower. I love this artful baby's organizer/canister! It holds all of my washable cloth baby wipes just perfectly. I think it will come in handy a lot once the baby arrives. Jessica did so well on the design! I love how it features colorful baby blocks and a smart toddler with his nose in a book; I can only hope for my baby boy to turn out this cute. He has the greatest aunt there ever was. Thank you Jessy. xoxo"

Love - Andy

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