Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eco-Friendly Freckles Tutorial - Supplies for Tutorials Exchange!

I am delighted to be participating in the Supplies for Tutorials Exchange! I have created an exquisitely lovely upcycled decoupage canister with some gorgeous, very high quality digital collage sheets graciously provided by The Magpies Nest. This piece was such a joy to create and it has a very sweet and uplifting story. The Supplies for Tutorial Exchange is sponsored by Totally Tutorials.

Magpie Mine's adorable collage sheets tickled with my imagination! These charming little angels perfectly pulled together the enchanting story I was envisioning; and thus was born “Lullaby of Angels’ Enlightenment”! Below I have posted my tutorial of how I created this inspirational masterpiece!


- Digital Collage Sheets

- Recycled Steel Can

- Glossy Black Spray Paint

- Magazine Clippings

- Scissors

- Collage Glue (I used Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue, but you can also use Mod Podge as the adhesive for the images)

- Assorted recycled magazine clippings

- Bright White Fabric Paint

- Desired Acrylic Paint for interior of the canister (I chose a beautiful golden yellow)

- Small sponge brush

- Recycled Yogi Tea tags (from yogi tea bags)

- Mod Podge Gloss Lustre (water based sealer, glue, and finish)

1. Peel off the label from the canister.

2. Spray paint the canister.

3. Meticulously cut around collage sheet images, magazine clippings, and yogi tea tags.

4. Position your images on the canister and figure out where you want to place each image so that the entire canister can be filled appropriately and to your liking.

5. Cut the images to a suitable size to fit on the canister and glue them in the desired places.

6. Delicately and leisurely apply white fabric paint to the canister, forming tiny dots with your hand comfortably moving up and down; surrounding each image, continue around the entire canister.

7. Paint dots around the bottom and top rim of the canister.

8. Paint the interior of the canister with acrylic paint.

9. Paint tiny dots on the top, inside rim of the canister.

10. Coat the entire canister with Mod Podge, using up and down strokes. Mod Podge provides a nice, protective glossy finish for your images.

...and that is it! Enjoy your new, stunningly eye-catching upcycled decoupage canister!

"Lullaby of Angels' Enlightenment"

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