Friday, February 12, 2010

Eco-Friendly Freckles is now selling Medicinal and Exotic Herbs!

Egyptian Blue Lotus Lily - Aphrodisiac - Enhance Sexual Desire Naturally

This Egyptian Blue Water Lily boasts robust colors with a strong, fresh, floral aroma. Much of the Blue Lotus products on the market are wild crafted and smell fishy or like the pond water from which it is harvested.
This Blue Lotus Water Lily is cultivated at a private farm under controlled conditions to ensure clean, high quality specimens.

Blue Lotus was used in Ancient Egypt to enhance sexual desire. Egyptian medicinal practitioners also used this flower to stimulate blood flow, and as an anti aging treatment. Blue Lotus is an aphrodisiac for men and women as well as a general remedy and tonic. The Egyptians worshipped the Blue Lotus Lily because it was viewed as a visionary plant and it was a symbol for the origins of life (good health, intimacy, and rebirth). The Egyptians believed that our world was originally covered by water and darkness. A Blue Lotus sprang up from the water and opened its petals to reveal a young god, a Divine Child. Light streamed from the Divine Child to banish universal darkness. This child god was the Creator and the source of all life. When the Pharaoh known as King Tut was entombed, his body was covered in Blue Lotus flowers.

When prepared as a tea the flowers produce a thick, gold/clear liquid that reminds one of melted amber. The liquid is ever so slightly sweet and upon being consumed creates a warm, euphoric glow. There is some indication that the effects of Blue Lotus may be enhanced if soaked in wine (which is thought to be the original Egyptian method of use) or other alcohol.

This listing is for a small Ziploc bag containing 5 grams of dried Blue Lotus petals and stamens.

White Willow Bark - Medicinal Herb For Pain, Inflammation, Head Ache, and Fever

Ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks used white willow bark for inflammation and to cure headaches and fevers. It didn't come into widespread use until scientists learned to buffer the active substance and put it into a marketable form; thus Asprin was born.
White willow bark is used for conditions that cause pain, inflammation, or fever, such as:

-Acute back pain
-Joint pain

People take white willow bark instead of aspirin because it does not appear to be as irritating to the stomach lining. It may be because the salicin found naturally in white willow bark is only converted to the acid form after it is absorbed by the stomach. Researchers have also suggested that white willow bark is more effective than aspirin because of other active compounds that are found in the bark but not the drug.
White Willow Bark is also nice to burn as incense, and it blends well with other fragrant incense herbs. White Willow gives off a delicate, smooth, alluring sweet and spicy woodsy aroma.

This listing is for one (1/2 ounce) small sealed Ziploc bag.

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