Thursday, April 30, 2015

Whirl and Weave: A Welcome to Midsummer's Eve

I'm standing at a beautiful dewy creek with spring blossoms and my mother-in-law Beverly's hand-crocheted "Maypole" scarf which can be admired further in her Etsy shop "Maddie's Trinkets and Bobbles".

Tis the last day of April, and yesterday evening my husband Joe and I were delighted by the sight of new duckling hatchlings swimming on our nearby pond...Oh, I love this time of year! Spring is filled with whimsy and wonder...As we welcome in May with flower-festooned Maypole traditions and June with the ancient European folk song and fertility dance customs of Midsummer's Eve, I would love to take a moment to share some beauties of spring as we embrace the new life that it breaths into our souls. Without further ado, here is a small collection inspired by the whirl and weave...grandmother's crochet and knitted crafts and the dancing celebration of new birth that it cuddles with warmth and love!

My precious niece Lydia, born in April she is our blessed little spring chick! Here are some photos of her in Beverly's darling crocheted creations...
Little Miss Lydia LOVES bears! She is often found carrying around a teddy bear and at 2 years old now her favorite television show is Little Bear. Here is a hand-crocheted 3D Teddy Bear with Balloons baby afghan created by our talented Aunt Mary Lynn that can be found in Lydia's mother's (my twin sister, Andrea) Etsy shop Storybook Artifact...It's a work-of-art!!!

Lastly, I encourage all lovers of crochet and knitted crafts to stop by one of my favorite Etsy shops filled with an eclectic assortment of beautiful yarns and craft patterns: Suzie's "Mom's Vintage Books"! Here are some treasures found in her Etsy shop...
...and this gorgeous heather grey yarn...I just love this airy neutral shade...also found in Mom's Vintage Books!

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