Friday, October 25, 2013

My Literary Lark Inspired Halloween Costume!

After recently finishing my dear cousin Erica Cope's newly released Lark sequel book "In the Shadows" from the Lark Trilogy series, I was so inspired by the tale that there was no question about what costume theme I would go with this Halloween...a Lark character! In hopes that I intrigue new readers without revealing any spoilers of the book, this character's name will remain a secret...but I will say that she is a new character discovered in the latest novel "In the Shadows"! If you have read Erica's newest tale, you will know who I'm portraying...I'll give you a hint, it's not the main heroine character Mia; although she is my favorite. ;-)

Going by her description in the book: "Her hair and her eyes (are) as dark as charcoal. She's wearing a dress not unlike the style typical of the Light elf with the long flowing skirts and bell sleeves. It's silvery in color, adorned with dark colored gems and matches the crown resting on top of her intricately styled hair." I found a long silver vintage dress and paired it with a black lace sheath jacket with notable elvish style bell sleeves. Since I didn't have a "dark as charcoal" wig and my hair is naturally strawberry blonde, I covered my hair with a heavy black velvet brocade scarf and adorned it with the character's crown on top (which happens to be a sentimental vintage treasure of mine as it was my mother's tiara). The lovely brocade design on the black velvet head scarf symbolizes the "intricately styled hair"!

This beautiful and mysterious Lark character can be found in the depths of the shadowy Underworld where the sky is a stunning shade of lavender. Since this literary lady is "adorned with dark colored gems", I figured that the best embellishment to add to this ensemble would be my beloved antique amulet necklace handcrafted by my great-GREAT grandmother Erma (yes, this is a nostalgic piece too!), which captures the beauty of the underworld's lavender sky in which this character resides. If you notice, I even added some "night bloom" high heels to the costume representing the flowers found in this ominous realm.

After the Halloween costume party that I will attend this weekend with my darling husband Joe, this vintage silver dress will be for sale among the other mystical treasures found in my sister Andrea's Etsy shop "Storybook Artifact". In the dress's item listing, Erica's book "In the Shadows" will remain promoted there as this vintage dress beautifully embodies this character who is first introduced in this sequel novel! You can view this elegant vintage silver dress now, by clicking on the dress images provided in this blog article.

Inspired by the Lark Trilogy Series, I wanted to put together another Etsy treasury collection, to hopefully encourage fellow Etsyians to check out this awesome book series! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this whimsical and warm toned visually stimulating treasury that I hope will get you thinking about cozying up with this epic book series this approaching chilly winter season!

For all you Lark fans out there, I consider this my Team Jacoby treasury and the "In the Shadows Treasury" that I made a couple weeks back was my Team Grey treasury! *wink wink!* ;-) Can you see the influence of the Lark book cover in the glowing colors of this latest treasury?!

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