Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Rustic Nostalgic Rake Barware Holder for Our New Year's Champagne Flutes!

Happy New Year Everyone! To ring in the new year, I wanted to do something fun for our New Year's champagne flutes. I've had this old, rustic rake head that I picked up at my mother-in-law's home. I think it was her father Joe's, whom my husband was named after "Joe". He had passed away years ago, and thus I wanted to do something special with his old trusty rake. With a little online research, I discovered this awesome idea of transforming your old rake head into a wine glass or champagne flute holder which has beautifully added some country, homespun flair to our kitchen!

This rustic barware holder is very easy to put up; just hammer a couple nails in the wall and it looks fabulous! Our rake head has a little bit of rust and wear, but that just adds to the rustic appeal! Now we have a nostalgic family memento to cherish that is upcycled, functional, and decorative! Cheers!

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