Thursday, April 21, 2011

April's Featured EtsyBlogger is Linda B's Beaded Jewelry!

Congratulations Linda B's Jewelry for being this month's featured EtsyBlogger! I love her beautiful shop full of gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry. My favorite pieces from her shop are her lapis blue lovelies!

"Copper Chain and Royal Blue Lapis Swirl Pendant Necklace".

"Copper Wire Blue Lapis Earrings".

Linda B's lapis jewelry reminds me of a scene from my favorite retro Dreamcast game Shenmue: The Lapis Fortune Teller. Since "fortune tellers" are one of the mentioned popular trends in this month's Etsy Merchandising Desk Tips. I have been inspired to create a treasury featuring one of Linda B's lapis pieces as well as five other EtsyBloggers member items in this Lapis Fortune Teller team treasury! Please check out the treasury, comment, and support the EtsyBloggers!

Here is a short clip from the Dreamcast game Shenmue featuring the Lapis Fortune Teller...See how my lapis treasury was inspired?!

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Artifact Andrea said...

Lovely treasury theme, and gorgeous jewelry! Great post!!!