Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day in the Park and Etsy Shop Product Review: Orglamix's All-Natural Make-Up!

Such a lovely day in the park...I love being surrounded in nature, and so does my face! I have made a conscious effort to strive to find the perfect "all-natural" make-up for my face (without parabens, artificial dyes and colors, and other harmful synthetic ingredients). You know your face can soak up all of that stuff! So in my search, I stumbled upon the wonderful Etsy Shop: Orglamix!

This is Orglamix's Butternut Pure Organic Mineral Foundation (light skin with golden undertones) that perfectly matches my fair skin tone and blends in beautifully...see!

I also love this Rosy Future - Pure Organic Mineral Blush (tea rose) by Orglamix which I am also wearing in the photos above.

They have a large variety of all-natural cosmetics including powder foundations, blush, eyeshadow, and more!

My beautiful and expecting twin sister, Andrea, and our gorgeous grandmother "Nana", Sharee.

Please check out Orglamix's Etsy Shop here:

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Andrea said...

Love the pictures! Anxious to try these cosmetics myself. Wow, you are one gorgeous lady! "woo woo" ;-*