Thursday, January 28, 2010

Woo Woo Is Sew In Love?

Woo Woo, Is Sew In Love - Hand-Painted Upcycled Decoupage Decor Canister

A smiling woman with alluring bright red lips is head over heels in love (wearing sexy scarlet stilettos to be exact). Her delightful red sewing kit and heart shaped pincushion illustrate her desire for sewing and the loving thoughts of her sweetheart. In her love spellbound daydream, her inquiring owl pillow with gleeful legs runs away with another one of her handmade pillows that expresses words of happiness, joy, peace, and friendship. This would make a fantastic Valentine's gift!
You can display this delightful piece as a candle votive, pen or pencil holder, trinket container, or as a stunning work of art. This also makes a great gift for holding baked goods, candies, soaps, bath salts, teas, etc. Also in my shop are some beautiful satin pouches that fit perfectly in this canister and can contain candies, cookies, soap, teas, etc.

The eco-friendly recycled materials used in this item are: a tin can, magazine clippings, and recycled paper. This piece measures 4 1/2 tall and 3 inches wide. The interior of this tin is painted a lovely deep red.

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